We craft works of art employing only the finest 99.9% 24K gold with structural support bases. Each unique masterpiece is elaborately designed and portrays the values of professional artists, bringing fine gold to life. Prima Art is the perfect heirloom quality gift that delights the hearts of its recipients. It is a distinct statement of the fine taste of luxury that will be cherished forever and passed down to each generation.

24K is gold at its purest form with an absolute quality of 99.9% purity. Prima Art is heirloom quality and includes only the finest materials. Therefore, each Prima Art price uses only the purest gold. In this way, each of our pieces stand out as priceless decorations.

Our uniqueness is our guarantee that every Prima Art creation lives up to the highest standard of craftsmanship. Prima Art embodies the following:
    ·    Superior artwork of unique and authentic design
    ·    Made of 24K or 99.9% Pure Gold
    ·    Highly Skilled Craftsmanship 
    ·    Authentic Masterpieces of the Finest Quality
    ·    Meaningful and Priceless Precious Gifts

To preserve the original quality of Prima Art, keep away from sources of direct heat and avoid cleaning with abrasive polish.  If necessary, gently rub with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dust or dirt.

You can order Prima Art online or purchase it at one of our retail locations. To see a list of locations in your area, please click here.

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